Couvreur Lapointe, an AMCQ member since 2020

At Couvreur Lapointe, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve every aspect of our business so we can offer you professional roofing services that are efficient and meticulous. After undergoing a rigorous certification process, we’re proud to be a member of the Quebec Master Roofer Association (AMCQ) as of 2020. You now have the assurance of knowing that the work will be done properly by a highly qualified team.

To become an AMCQ member, we had to submit proof of a solid credit rating, compliance with all legal requirements, at least five years of business activity and at least five million dollars in civil liability insurance coverage. Furthermore, as an AMCQ member, Couvreur Lapointe is obligated to observe strict administrative processes and to agree to periodic unannounced visits by AMCQ officials in order to verify that our projects are in compliance with all applicable regulations.

The AMCQ also requires every member to pass a technical exam consisting of a very precise and demanding set of questions. However, this represents one of the most valuable benefits of being an AMCQ member, both for our clientele and for our team. As part of its membership, Couvreur Lapointe receives incomparable technical support, notably through ongoing training, technical publications and material testing and evaluation.

Don’t hesitate to contact Couvreur Lapointe to learn more about the advantages of doing business with an AMCQ certified company.

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