Asphalt and gravel roofing

An asphalt and gravel roof is composed of several membranes that are layered with tar. This type of roofing is generally reserved for flat or nearly flat commercial roofs that aren’t necessarily visible from ground level. Couvreur Lapointe specializes in this type of roof, which requires particularly meticulous installation to ensure that it’s watertight and that it will last for many years to come. These roofs can be repaired by applying gravel at strategic points, but we strongly advise you to have maintenance performed on them regularly to ward off problems before they occur.

Asphalt and gravel roof maintenance consists of preventing the cracks that can appear in the membranes over time as the tar dries out from exposure to the sun. The roof must be swept, liquid tar must be applied, and the gravel must be repositioned. Don’t hesitate to call Couvreur Lapointe for further details on how to maintain this type of roofing.

Several factors play into the proper installation of an asphalt and gravel roof, including the outdoor temperature, atmospheric pressure and thickness of the tar. That’s why we recommend doing business with the professionals at Couvreur Lapointe, who are specialists in the field. Contact us for your next commercial asphalt and gravel roof project.


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