Green roofs

The installation of a green roof or living roof can offer you a good number of benefits. It adds value to the building and enhances your general quality of life, thanks to its ecological nature. The vegetation extends the useful life of the roof underneath it by protecting it from sunlight, while increasing its insulating and sound absorption properties, acting as a natural drainage system for rain and melting snow and providing a pleasant place to visit.

There are several different types of green roofs, including landscaped terrace roofs, vegetable gardens and gently pitched residential roofs. For each type of green roof, some of the important factors to consider include the structure of your building, the condition of the existing roof, the irrigation system in place, the means of access to the roof, and the wishes of all the co-owners of the building. Couvreur Lapointe can advise you on the improvements or enhancements your roof needs in order to be converted into a green roof.

The roofing services at Couvreur Lapointe are executed in accordance with best practices and are covered by an excellent guarantee so you can enjoy peace of mind. A green roof is a large-scale project, so it’s important to call on expert roofers so you can benefit from results that live up to all your expectations. We also offer green roof repair and maintenance services. So contact us today.


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