Shingle roofing

Shingle roofs, which are very popular in the residential sector, must be installed in accordance with best practices. That’s why Couvreur Lapointe takes extra care every step of the way to ensure that you end up with a high-quality roof that can stand up to the ravages of time and the elements.

After removing the old shingle roofing, our team inspects your roof to make sure there is no damage. The roof must be free of any signs of collapse, holes or mold and mildew. The team also takes advantage of the opportunity to make sure your roof is adequately ventilated. Next, they attach a waterproof membrane and meticulously install the shingles on top. Our work is guaranteed, so you can enjoy incomparable peace of mind. It’s highly recommended to do business with a company that offers a guarantee, as you avoid being plagued by leaks, which can quickly become a serious, not to mention costly, problem. You’ll have no worries when you choose Couvreur Lapointe because every one of our shingle roofing projects is carried out according to best practices and is backed by a guarantee that reflects current industry standards.

Whether you need a roof for a newly built home or you need to replace the roof on your existing home, Couvreur Lapointe is here to provide you with prompt, professional service.


Commercial roofing: you’re in good hands

Do you need to repair or replace your commercial roof? Couvreur Lapointe will send out the best team so you can rest assured of receiving prompt, efficient service. Fill out our online contact form to get a prompt, free estimate.

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